Blood Plasma

This website has been created as a literature study in order to gather all the knowledge about plasma.

Due to constant being questioned whether it is safe to use plasma, can virus be transmitted with plasma?

Currently the big question is: can PEDv be transferred with plasma? To answer this question and provide information about the plasma, we have created this website.

On this page, we have gathered scientific evidence that plasma can not transfer PEDv, we have also collected some scientific tests proving that the use of plasma can improve production performance, reduce the use of antibiotics and replace zinc oxide.


Agro Service distributes plasma from the world´s largest blood producer APC Europe, the safety and quality are very important. Plasma is obtained only from animals, which have been inspected and have been approved for human consumption by veterinary surgeons (vets) and government authorities. The whole production process is controlled, from the collection up to the final product, and applying the greatest quality standards throughout this process. Every year APC uses many millions on research and development of their products.


APC Europe Industrial procedure and quality certification.


This website is under construction and will be updated regularly.


This website has been made by Agro Service Skandinavien ApS, DK